Everything to Know About Herniated Discs from MVA Calgary

Herniated discs can be extremely painful. But there are some treatments that can bring relief from this ailment. Read to know more about the treatment.

Our spine constitutes many small and delicate structures that play a massive role in supporting our body and helps our brain send messages in our body. Any swelling or injury can lead to severe complications, which can be intense if the disc gets damaged. The discs in our body consist of two layers, the first one is the annulus, which protects the disc and the second one is the nucleus responsible for absorbing shocks. Read more

Top 6 Whiplash Myths Busted

Half-truth is more dangerous than a complete lie! Here we are busting top myths surrounding whiplash.

Whiplash is a neck injury that occurs when there is a sudden and fast movement that makes the head move forward or backwards. Read more

Top 5 reasons why car accidents take a long time to heal

Sometimes despite taking the best of treatments, wounds of the car accidents take time to heal. Here are some common reasons.

 People generally believe and hope to heal sooner and have a new healthy life after an accident or injury. But, car accidents take a longer time to heal than expected as few factors determine and prolong the healing time or MVA Rehabilitation time. Here are the reasons why car accidents take a longer time to heal. Read more

Ultimate MVA rehabilitation information in Calgary

People who suffer from motor accidents wish they get access to genuine and quick MVA rehabilitation. Here we talk about it.

It’s always relishing and rejuvenating to have a drive in motor vehicles. But, no one expects a motor vehicle accident( MVA) until one actually experiences it. These accidents scar the soul apart from physically harming. As per the Canadian Transportation Safety Board, around 160,000 motor vehicle accidents occur in Canada each year. Read more

Tips for faster recovery after a motor vehicle accident injuries Calgary

After something unfortunate like a motor vehicle accident, our main motive is to recover fast. Here are some useful tips.

In the case of Motor vehicle accidents (MVA), a speedy recovery is a matter of concern. It depends entirely on the kind of accident, the body of the injured person, activity level, health before the accident, etc. Until you recover, you have to miss your working days, which would result in mental drainage. Read more