How Physiotherapy Heals injuries of MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) Calgary

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People who, at any point, have had MVA can seek physiotherapy to restore mobility and function, and resume a normal pain free life. See how it can be helpful to relieve pain and suffering.

Physiotherapy is highly essential for all those people who have, at any point of their life, suffered from Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA). Any kind of accident is inexplicably traumatic, both mentally and physically, when there are injuries, or worse, casualties involved. But if the injuries, even if they are slight, are not treated properly, can cause major distress later in life. The affected may even need a surgery. So, read on to find out what kind of injuries are most common in MVA and how physiotherapy aids in MVA injury treatment Calgary.

Common Injuries in MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) Calgary

  1. Whiplash: This is one of the most common injuries in rear-end collisions. The upper neck and back muscles are stretched suddenly during the collision and the neck extends beyond its normal range of motion. Usual symptoms are chronic migraines, inability or pain in stretching neck, shoulder or upper back muscles, fatigue, dizziness, etc.
  2. Internal injuries: The person must be taken under medical supervision and should be checked for injuries or hemorrhages inside the skull, chest, stomach, abdomen and limbs. X-rays would indicate any fractures or cracks in bones if present. Vital organs like the brain, lungs, heart and kidneys must be examined firstly to rule out any serious damage to them.
  3. Cuts, bruises and scrapes: Even minor scratches and cuts ought not be overlooked, since they carry a chance of developing sepsis and become a full-blown infection. Serious injuries like deep gashes need immediate care to ensure that further blood loss doesn’t occur. Bruises need urgent care and medications.

Reasons to opt for Physiotherapy for Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment Calgary

A physiotherapist will help you by giving you stretching exercises at the beginning to gently ease pain and reduce muscle stiffness. He or she will guide you through certain strengthening exercises for the neck, shoulder and back muscles to gradually cure whiplash.

  1. Cold therapy is also done in the initial stages of recovery to reduce and manage pain and inflammation.
  2. Gentle repetitive exercises are given to improve blood circulation and provide relief from pain. The physiotherapist will also assist you to resume your daily activities gradually and with care.
  3. Though after an accident, exercising and moving around are the last things a person would even think about doing, but actually, this is the time when physical movement is most crucial. It is in fact much better than bed rest.
  4. Physiotherapy reduces recovery time and speeds up the process of recovery and healing. Patients have been found to improve their flexibility faster after undergoing physiotherapy.
  5. Not only this, the risk of developing degenerative diseases and requiring injury or damage related surgery is reduced immensely by PT. Long-lasting damages are prevented, or at the very least, reduced considerably.

People who, at any point, have had MVA can seek physiotherapy to restore mobility and function, and resume a normal pain free life.

Some final Words

The best thing about PT is that unlike surgery, it’s a non-invasive method of treating injuries and a very effective one, too. Credence Physiotherapy is renowned forMotor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Rehabilitation Calgary and their Motor Vehicle Accident injury treatment in Calgary is beneficial to alleviate pain or the risk of developing chronic problems later in life.