Ultimate MVA rehabilitation information in Calgary

People who suffer from motor accidents wish they get access to genuine and quick MVA rehabilitation. Here we talk about it.

It’s always relishing and rejuvenating to have a drive in motor vehicles. But, no one expects a motor vehicle accident( MVA) until one actually experiences it. These accidents scar the soul apart from physically harming. As per the Canadian Transportation Safety Board, around 160,000 motor vehicle accidents occur in Canada each year.

Motor vehicle accidents are a tremendous and terrific ordeal, and life can be highly stressful and painful. But the news of MVA Rehabilitation can nurture some hope in the wounded people. Different Physiotherapists offer MVA treatment, and here is the ultimate MVA rehabilitation information in Calgary.

A Guide To MVA Rehabilitation

Knowing completely about rehabilitation after MVA can highly be useful to refer to people in need of it. Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Treatment Calgary requires a few prerequisites and offers a lot.

Wants and needs

The Section B Insurer refers to an insurance company that encompasses the vehicle in which one was either the driver or a passenger during the time the accident occurred. Upon doing so, by having a discussion with one’s insurance company, an individual can qualify for the Section B benefits that can be of worth up to a sum of $50,000.

Also,  Notice of Claim and Proof of Loss Form is termed as the “AB-1 Form”. Any person affected by accident ought to reach one’s physician and therapist and get the form signed within ten days of the accident.  By doing so,  one might qualify for “free” treatments – like the physiotherapy as well as the massage therapy treatment. These are at no direct cost for the affected individual.

Primary Benefits

Primary benefits mean all the benefits that an individual and one’s partner or one’s parent can have via work or school, or via teams, too. If one is injured in MVA and requires treatment, consulting the physician or therapist within ten days as soon as the accident happens, qualifies one for a necessary treatment- Diagnostic and Treatment Protocol Regulation (DTPR).


Sprains in ligaments (I, II, III)

Injuries in the ligaments that attach bones are defined as sprains. The symptoms are swelling, pain, and restricted mobility in ligaments.

Strains in muscles (I, II, III)

Injuries affecting any muscle or muscular attachments with a bone are strains. The symptoms are swelling, pain, and restricted mobility in muscles.


Cervical acceleration-deceleration injury or WAD has generally characterized a group of symptoms occurring after a neck injury, typically because of a sudden movement of the head. Damage in discs, muscles, and nerve roots are symptoms. Pain, stiffness in the neck, fatigue, unclear vision, headache, pain in shoulders, arms, ringing sound in ears, etc. are all the symptoms.

Closing note

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Calgary can be rehabilitated like those mentioned above, which just takes a single effort – approaching a therapist or physician at earliest to avoid costs of treatment upon you. Credence Physiotherapy and Massage clinic has the best Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment Calgary. Contact us today for an appointment!