Top 6 TMJ disorders Myths Busted

Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ disorders are a serious problem that requires immediate treatment to treat your pain effectively. However, with varied symptoms and treatments, people have drawn several myths. Thus, today we shall demystify these myths and bring the truth out for once and all! Do not get surprised by these famous myths and focus on the truth to get proper treatment. So, let’s begin!

6 TMJ disorder Myths and their Reality

Myth 1: Jaw Symptoms are the primary symptom to prove TMJ

Well, many people have this agenda that only jaw pain or sounds prove that you have a TMJ disorder. However, there are many people who face backaches, tinnitus, headaches, vertigo, etc. Always consider TMJ symptoms wisely and treat it with TMJ treatment even if you don’t have any jaw symptoms!

Myth 2: Only Women are likely to get TMJ

While a large number of women have experienced such symptoms more than men, it doesn’t mean that men never get TMJ Calgary. Many studies have proved that both women and men can get TMJ at a similar rate; however, men get undiagnosed, or doctors never consider men for TMJ disorders.

Myth 3: TMJ disorders are likely to develop in teens

TMJ disorders can happen at any time of your life cycle. While many people believe that TMJ pain only occurs during teenage, they can develop these disorders at any phase as an outcome of an injury, trauma or arthritis, etc.

Myth 4: Locked Jaw is an effective TMJ treatment

You may have read on many websites to try and keep your mouth closed for treatment. Well, let me break the bubble for you! This action can lead to dire consequences. A locked jaw means forcing your jawbones to close and grind together, giving way to permanent dislocation. It may also put harm to its cushioning disc and even result in jawbone breakage.

Myth 5: Surgery is the Only Treatment for TMJ disorders

Many people have doubts that only surgery can bring your jaw back to its original state. Well, it is completely false as surgery should only be recommended in the advanced stages. Many physiotherapy centers have specialized doctors to provide you with the required help whenever you need it.

Myth 6: Stopped Jaw Popping is a sign of better health in TMJ

Jaw popping indicates the disc displacement in the joint. If you feel that the jaw popping noise has stopped, it is time to see a doctor immediately. This means your jaw disc is not slipping back anymore that has caused severe bone damage in the joints.

The Final verdict

TMJ is a serious problem and must be treated in its earlier stages to avoid any permanent damage later. Credence Physiotherapy center is the top clinic to manage TMJ physiotherapy Calgary. Contact them today to get the best treatment for TMJ pain!