Everything to Know About Herniated Discs from MVA Calgary

Herniated discs can be extremely painful. But there are some treatments that can bring relief from this ailment. Read to know more about the treatment.

Our spine constitutes many small and delicate structures that play a massive role in supporting our body and helps our brain send messages in our body. Any swelling or injury can lead to severe complications, which can be intense if the disc gets damaged. The discs in our body consist of two layers, the first one is the annulus, which protects the disc and the second one is the nucleus responsible for absorbing shocks. With growing age, these discs become flat, which increases the chances of serious injury. So, when you suffer from motor vehicle injuries in Calgary, you should immediately visit a doctor.

Herniated discs may be formed without any cause or as a result of trauma. Any pressure on the disc may cause the nucleus to ooze out from the fibrous layers. This protrusion is known as a herniated disc or commonly known as a slipped disc.

Should You Go for Surgery In Case Of Herniated Disc?

Not all the herniated discs will require surgeries as sometimes they resolve on their own. There are other non-surgical treatments like physical therapy, which are known to control the pain. Depending on how severe your condition is, there are some options that one might consider.

  1. Artificial disc replacement involves the replacement of the damaged disc with a plastic or metal device.
  2. A discectomy is known to remove the nerve’s pressure by removing some parts or the whole disc.
  3. A fusion process is performed to make your spine stable with rods’ help or insertion of other hardware in the spine.
  4. A laminectomy is done to increase the amount of space in the affected area with the vertebra’s removal, which helps reduce the pressure from the herniated disc.

How Do Doctors Diagnose a Herniated Disc?

After suffering from Motor vehicle injuries, if you notice a pain that runs down your arm or leg, you should immediately consult a doctor. Based on the Physiotherapy clinic Calgary and test results, they diagnose the herniated disc. They might guide you for an MRI or CT scan, which helps identify the spine injury. Herniated discs require Motor vehicle accident treatment.

Physiotherapy Help for Herniated Disc

Physiotherapy is known to provide better results than surgery methods and painkillers. The Physiotherapy center in Calgary ensures speedy recovery, including exercise and treatments, which can be done at home or MVA rehabilitation. The time taken to heal the condition may vary, but improvement can be seen when you follow all the guidelines that are instructed by your physiotherapist.

  • In the first 24-48 hours of diagnosing the herniated disc, you will be guided to avoid worsening the herniated disc’s damage.
  • You should also avoid bed rest and go for short walks as the movement will decrease pain.
  • Ice packs should be applied for a period of 15 to minutes.
  • Avoid sitting in comfortable couches and switch to stiff chairs.
  • For medications and tests, consult your physician.


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