Laser Therapy

How Physiotherapy Heals injuries of MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) Calgary

People who, at any point, have had MVA can seek physiotherapy to restore mobility and function, and resume a normal pain free life. See how it can be helpful to relieve pain and suffering.

Physiotherapy is highly essential for all those people who have, at any point of their life, suffered from Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA). Any kind of accident is inexplicably traumatic, both mentally and physically, when there are injuries, or worse, casualties involved. Read more

Shockwave Therapy

Helpful Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

In this form of therapy, sound waves are used to promote healing. Shockwave therapy gets to our musculoskeletal system and thus, these waves are able to provide relief from pain. This musculoskeletal therapy is a world’s wonders and is a growing alternative to surgery. Read more

One stop recovery at Massage Clinic Calgary

Massage has been an all-time favourite rehabilitation technique for many as it is the most effective form to speed up the healing process.

Suffering from Chronic pain and not sure what to do?

If you are tormented by any sort of body pain attributable to injury, it’s time to consult an expert physiatrist at a top-rated Physiotherapy Centre in Calgary. Post a detailed examination the doctors can recommend you a specialized treatment at our Credence Massage Clinic in Calgary. We are specialized to provide personal care to patients who are suffering from TMJ dysfunction in Calgary or looking for TMJ Treatment in Calgary. You can contact our trusted doctors at our Credence Physiotherapy Centre in Calgary. Read more

Spinal Decompression

Top 5 Exercises That Give Relief from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

To lead a life that’s happy and healthy our body needs to be fit and healthy. In this blog we discuss about some handy exercises for the problem of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.

TMJ disorder is quite painful and needs to be treated in a proper manner. These five exercises are designed to give strength to your jaw muscles and increase the movement of the jaw by relaxing and stretching it. They also help your jaw heal over time and with practice. Thus, doing these exercises can make chewing less painful, decrease the locking or sounds your jaw makes, and even help in reducing the symptoms of TMJ Calgary including headaches. Extra care should be taken to repeat the exercises done on one side on the other as well to get the best of Temperomandibular Joint Treatment. Read more

Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression Therapy: Everything You Need to Know

Spinal Decompression therapy is a popular technique to cure a plethora of diseases. Credence Physiotherapy centre in Calgary use it to help patients get relieved from acute back pain.

Spinal problems are becoming quite common among the people who spend most of their time in front of their desk and work.  A basic surgical procedure that is meant to relieve you from any sort of pressure is spinal decompression therapy. Decompression is the main component in treating various types of spinal problems.

What is Spinal Decompression therapy?

It is a spinal therapy that is basically used to re-adjust the spine. It is also very useful, in terms of providing relief to the nerves that have caused chronic pain. The resistance from this therapy helps in increasing the blood flow to the damaged area and thus providing relief.

Recipients of Spinal Decompression Therapy

Consult with the best Physiotherapy Clinic in Calgary to know if you also need a spinal decompression therapy. Some of the following recipients are: –

  1. Failed Spinal Surgery patients– The people who have undergone a spinal therapy before also but didn’t see any results can also take up this therapy.
  2. Degenerative Disc Patients– When the upholstery near the vertebrae starts breaking down slowly, thereby making the spine less stable, spinal decompression therapy can be taken.
  3. Non-operative treatment patients– In situations where either the medical massage or physical therapy did not work, such patients can opt for this decompression therapy.
  4. Herniated Disc Patients– People who suffer from pain problems in the disc can also take spinal decompression therapy.
  5. Facet Syndrome patients- Such a syndrome is generally the result of normal wearing and tearing of the body in aged patients.

How is Spinal Decompression Therapy Done?

The patients undergoing this therapy will go through the following procedure:

  1. Wear full clothes and lie on their backs on a table so that their lower body is able to commute.
  2. After that, a set of straps will be placed around the hips.
  3. The lower part will be allowed to slide back and forth whereas the upper will remain motionless.
  4. During this process, the patient should feel a stretchy feeling, but no pain should be felt before or after the therapy.

What if you are experiencing Chronic pain in your Back?

If you suffer from any chronic pain, it would be better to contact an expert chiropractor at a top-rated Massage Clinic in Calgary. After a proper examination, the doctor will share certain steps or procedures for specialized treatment. For some patients, the case might be that they have to undergo a comprehensive series of decompression therapies to recover fully. Credence Physiotherapy and Massage is a specialized massage centre in Calgary that serves to provide personalized care to all its customers. Patients who need assistance owing to Motor vehicle accident injuries in Calgary or for TMJ Treatment in Calgary can contact for lifelong expert solution.