Top 5 Exercises That Give Relief from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

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To lead a life that’s happy and healthy our body needs to be fit and healthy. In this blog we discuss about some handy exercises for the problem of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.

TMJ disorder is quite painful and needs to be treated in a proper manner. These five exercises are designed to give strength to your jaw muscles and increase the movement of the jaw by relaxing and stretching it. They also help your jaw heal over time and with practice. Thus, doing these exercises can make chewing less painful, decrease the locking or sounds your jaw makes, and even help in reducing the symptoms of TMJ Calgary including headaches. Extra care should be taken to repeat the exercises done on one side on the other as well to get the best of Temperomandibular Joint Treatment.

The goldfish exercise (type 1)

In this first exercise, you must keep the tongue on the roof of the mouth. Then, put a finger on your TMJ. Place one finger on your chin as well.Now, drop and raise your lower jaw fully.To make this exercise a little different, you can also place two fingers on the TMJs and completely lower the same jaw.You have to do this exercise in a set and six times daily.

Chin tucks

Here, you must first keep your shoulders back. Put your chest up. Now, form a double chin by pulling your chin back.Stay in this position for three seconds.Do this exercise ten times daily.

Opening mouth with resistance

In this exercise, first, you put your thumb underneath your chin then slowly open your mouth so that you face resistance from the chin.Stay in this position for six seconds and then slowly close your mouth.

Goldfish exercises (type 2)

In this second type of the goldfish exercise, you first place your tongue on your mouth’s roof.Then put one finger on your ear where the TMJ is and the pointer finger on the chin.Lower your jaw midway and close.You will feel some resistance. Do this set six times in a day.

Jaw movement

In this last exercise, you place an object with a ¼ inch between your front teeth. Then you move your jaw from one side to another.When you find that this exercise is becoming easier to do, you can raise the thickness by putting more than one of these objects on top of one another.

Because the cause of TMJ disorder varies from person to person, so does the treatment or any kind of remedy. It is important to consult a Physiotherapy Clinic Calgary so that you get the right Temperomandibular Joint Treatment along with these exercises.Credence Physiotherapy and Massage Clinic Calgary is famous for achieving recovery from several disorders including TMJ Calgary. Their specialists perform the best corrective treatments and have healed several patients.