Guide to Follow On Encountering Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Calgary

Physiotherapy is known for providing a wide range of benefits that will help avoid standard treatments like surgery.

A situation dealing with Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) could be quite challenging since we have a difficult time dealing with insurance adjusters, repairing the vehicle as well as the physical pain and stress that is caused. In situations like these, one could feel the effect of financial strain that could create problems.

Steps to Follow When Meeting with Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Calgary

To tackle such problems, here is a list of the basic steps that you could follow to relieve your pain and provide you with the necessary support in such situations.

1.      Open an MVA Claim

Make sure to contact the insurance company of your vehicle to open an Accident benefits claim. Note that this claim is not related to the one that deals with vehicle damage. Unlike the latter, this type of claim demands a separate adjuster.

2.      Fill out AB-1

Make sure to write a notice of Loss and Proof of claim form (AB -1) and immediately send it to the respective adjuster within a period of 10 days from the time the accident took place.

3.      Get Assessed Properly If Injured

In case of motor vehicle accident across Calgary, make sure to get assessed properly by a physiotherapist by scheduling an assessment as quickly as possible. A treatment plan will be generated by the physiotherapist which will be sent to the adjuster.

4.      Know your rights

Most cases have been enlisted with a fixed number of treatments as mentioned under the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocol that is to be completed within a period of 90 days after the day the motor vehicle accident injuries at Calgary took place. Note that the first payer is your vehicle insurance company and your health practitioner is allowed to direct bills towards them for all the required treatments.

5.      Use your coverage to get better

Make sure to incorporate other items in your treatment that will enhance your healing process. Ask for suggestions from your physiotherapist regarding the use of items like hot or cold packs, neck and back supports etc.  Always remember that your vehicle insurance company cannot say no to any of the treatments that are recommended by your health practitioner for your healing process.

How Physiotherapy Heals Your Motor Vehicle Injuries

Whenever you deal with any kind of a motor vehicle accident, the first thing you need to is immediately get assessed by a physiotherapist. You can identify the various injuries you are suffering from and take the treatment accordingly.

After an MVA Calgary, your body might tend to stiffen and severe pain might arise in various parts of your body.  Therefore, if you take up such physical therapy you will definitely be relieved from the pain and you will notice that your strength has been increased.

Some Final Words

In this process of rehabilitation, you will be provided with various therapeutic treatments at the MVA Rehabilitation Calgary. These treatments are well designed in order to reduce the injuries caused in the accidents as soon as possible without undergoing other painful treatments. If you have been with a motor vehicle accident recently, then do check in to the Credence Physiotherapy and Massage that will provide you with the best range of treatments for a faster recovery.