Types of injuries after a motor vehicle accident

Motor vehicle accidents are sad event and we all wish it does not happen to anyone. It can lead to various types of injuries. Have a look.

Motor vehicle accidents in Calgary take place at a higher rate. Whatever the intensity of an accident might be, injuries may take place which may last long. Motor vehicle accident treatment in Calgary prove to be a saviour. But before that, you need to know the type of injuries which can take place after a motor vehicle accident so that proper treatment can be provided.

Neck injuries- Neck injuries are the most common of the injuries caused in a motor vehicle accident. This happens because of the fact that during a collision the neck moves back and forth with a greater speed than the tolerable limit. This results in a jerk and thereby injuring ligaments, tissues, etc. It is common where the vehicle is rear-ended.

Some common neck injuries being whiplash, strain in the neck, dislocation of vertebrae, disc damage and pain. In all the neck injuries it is the soft tissues which suffer the damage. Prolonged neck injuries might cause difficulty in vision, painful movement of head and neck. MVA treatment in Calgary is advanced in such a way that recovery is possible with the utmost ease.

Fracture- Fracture of bones can occur in any motor vehicle accident. What irritates more is the pain which resists even after the fracture is cured. The affected area can’t move properly or pain exists during movement. Physiotherapy can help people get rid of this pain.

Trauma- Motor vehicle accident injured victims are prone to traumatic brain injuries. Brain injuries occur when the head bangs or collides with the steering, dashboard, windows, etc. It is considered trauma when the victim suffers a problem in concentrating, feels fatigued, suffers anxiety, nausea, mood swings, loss of memory and other brain disorders. If such disorders occur after a motor vehicle accident, then consult a MVA rehabilitation Calgary centre immediately.

Back injuries- Spinal cord is the centre of all bodily functions. Injured back can pose serious problems for the entire life. The passengers in a motor vehicle accident suffer jerk which impacts the backbone, especially the lower back. Back injuries involve sprain in back, fractured vertebrae, broken vertebrae, slip disc, persistent pain, etc. Some back injuries take years to get healed. This poses a difficulty for the patients to get back to their routine and work. So, if there exists any problem in the back, then you may seek a motor vehicle accident in Calgary. 

The bottom line

Motor vehicle accident injuries in Calgary have several treatment options which let the injured get back to work within a short span of time. But it is advised to drive safely, because, “a stitch in time saves nine.”

As we know, any injury to your body, especially caused by motor vehicle accident prove to be harmful in older ages. Even though cured after some time of the accident, but the tissues and ligaments tend to weaken largely. So, always keep in mind “prevention is better than cure.” So, drive safely, carefully and attentively. And in case of any injury, please visit Credence Physiotherapy & Massage Centre, Calgary for the best treatment.