Top 6 Whiplash Myths Busted

Half-truth is more dangerous than a complete lie! Here we are busting top myths surrounding whiplash.

Whiplash is a neck injury that occurs when there is a sudden and fast movement that makes the head move forward or backwards. It is a common injury that affects more than a million people every year all around the world.

Many helpful treatments like MVA Calgary or MVA Rehabilitation are available for the purpose of treating such injuries.

However, some common myths go around with this injury, and we are here to bust these myths with facts. So, continue reading this blog and find out what are the seven popular myths that you probably are believing in.

6 deadly Myths and their truths

1.   Symptoms of whiplash occur within 24 hours:

It is not necessary for a whiplash injury to show its symptoms within 24 hours. One may not notice the symptoms for days or weeks or maybe even months in some cases.

If the injury is caused because of car accidents or other such events, then your chances are that you may see the symptoms within hours, but it is not necessary. Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment is helpful in such cases.

2.   Occurs only because of car accidents

It is, in fact, not true. Not all the injuries of whiplash occur because of a car accident. It can occur during any activity that leads to a sudden and sharp movement in your neck.

Yes, there are many cases where the century has taken place after a car accident, but there are also cases where the reason has been something else.

3.   Equality of risk in men and women for this injury

The chances of a whiplash injury in men and women are different. According to sources, women are at 3 times more risk of getting a whiplash injury than men.

4.   Elderly drivers are at more risk

It is not true that elderly drivers are at more risk of a whiplash injury. On the contrary, studies have shown that people between the age group of 30 to 50 have higher chances of this injury.

However, an older adult may have more difficulty in handling this injury, but that doesn’t mean that they are prone to it.

5.   Rest to treat this injury

You cannot treat this injury by resting. A person will need a Physiotherapy Centre for treatment. Leaving it on its own may only worsen the situation.

6.   Whiplash injuries are the same and get treated on its own

The last but a very popular myth that goes around with the whiplash injury is that all these injuries are of same type and they get treated on its own.

It is not true. There are actually 4 types, that are nerve injury, muscle injury, disc injury and joint injury. All of them require different types of treatment for relief. Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries are suitable for the ones caused by car accidents.


So these were the myths that go around regarding the whiplash injuries. Make sure to share these myths with your peers as well and inform them with actual facts. Credence Physiotherapy and Massage clinic is the topmost clinic in Calgary to treat Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries in the best way. Get in touch for the best treatment!