5 Immediate Steps to be taken after Motor Vehicle Accident Calgary

Immediately after an accident, many of us do not know what to do next. Here we throw some light on this topic.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries in Calgary is now quite common as people out here are in love with speed. But as we know, ‘Speed thrills, but it kills’, an accident is an unfortunate incidence. It may happen anywhere, near your home, office, when you are out for weekend fun or any other instance.

Many times these accidents may be major or sometimes minor in nature. Sometimes a minor bump or dent in your car bumper is perceived very small. But that can also cause injuries like jerk or muscles to worn out a little.

So the most obvious questions that may cross our mind would be like:

  • Shall I report this to the police?
  • Do I need a Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment?
  • Do I need to inform my insurance company?
  • And so on…

Things to do immediately after a Motor Vehicle Accident

  1. Check for injuries

In case of any accident, the first and foremost thing to check is for any injuries. Whether it’s just you or any other passenger traveling with you, immediately take note of the injuries. In minor accidents, it may result in bruises or whiplash that can be easily addressed by Physiotherapy Clinic Calgary or MVA Rehabilitation. But if the injury is serious, better call an ambulance at the earliest.

  1. Move to a safer place

Accidents are sudden and unfortunate. Usually, they occur when we are on the go on the road. So when your vehicle meets an accident, immediately move yourself to the side of the road, do not stay on the road. If your vehicle and yourself are in the position to move, drive it to the side of the road too. If cannot, leave the vehicle at its place, and move yourself to a safer place from running traffic.

  1. Call the Police

Whether the accident is minor or major, it needs to be reported to the police. Even when you apply to your insurance company, they would need a police report as evidence. These reports give a clear indication about who is responsible for the accident and it’s in your interest to file an accident report. If you fail to do so, it may backlash to you if two parties are involved, as stories tend to build when everyone leaves the accident scene.

  1. Avoid Roadside Negotiations

When two parties are involved in a road accident, you may be tempted to annual the issue by roadside negotiations. Please do not do it any cost. It would make you devoid of any insurance claim and/or you can face legal action from the police.

  1. Connect with your insurance agent

While you are at the accident scene, call your insurance agent and let them know what exactly happened so that your claim gets processed right way and in the right manner. An accident may leave you confused for some time, but quickly informing your insurance agent would help to get your vehicle repaired without any hiccups.


Despite our best of efforts sometimes accidents happen, the way we react and handle it determines how quickly we come out of the injuries. If you suffer any motor vehicle injury Calgary, get best of Physiotherapy treatment at Credence Physiotherapy and Massage Centre. Drive safe, wear your seat belts always.