Top 5 reasons why car accidents take a long time to heal

Sometimes despite taking the best of treatments, wounds of the car accidents take time to heal. Here are some common reasons.

 People generally believe and hope to heal sooner and have a new healthy life after an accident or injury. But, car accidents take a longer time to heal than expected as few factors determine and prolong the healing time or MVA Rehabilitation time. Here are the reasons why car accidents take a longer time to heal.

Pre-existing health conditions

Pre-existing health conditions have a significant influence on the healing time after a car accident. Thus, individuals with Arthritis, or any other poor health condition, if injured, take a longer time to heal as the body is already hurt.

Also, the body always requires oxygen, essential nutrients, and specific cells to heal after an injury. But pre-health conditions that reduce the body – the flow of the body makes the blood to deliver the essentials, after a delay than the normal time, to the injured body part. Thus, it is essential to report the conditions to doctors so that they can address the specific needs and offer the right Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment Calgary from the best Physiotherapy Centre Calgary.

Mental Health

Studies found that an individual’s mental health can impact his/her rate of healing. A mental state like depression, stress, and anxiety are shown to increase the pain levels and lower the rate of the healing process. Thus, ignoring mental health can also delay the healing process.

Also, taking care of mental health by visiting a psychologist or mental health practitioner is essential. It helps the psychologist treating the individual to get concrete evidence to establish the seriousness of the situation that they might get due to the car crash and claim insurance.

Tobacco Use

Doctors strongly recommend quitting smoking and tobacco use as research has proven that tobacco use reduces the rate of the body’s healing processes. Smokers are highly likely (two to ten times) more to suffer from certain types of healing problems or disorders than others, non-smokers.

Also, tobacco constituted by many chemicals like nicotine, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, etc. lessen the quantity of oxygen in the blood, that thickens the blood, and makes it harder to treat the injury.

Moreover, tobacco eventually weakens the immune system, with swelling and inflammation, which whereby slows down the pace of healing of soft tissues.


We aren’t sure why it takes a longer time for healing as we grow and age. It might be because the cells, efficiency to fight and resist infection lessens. Or age can also influence the body’s inflammatory responses, which play a vital role in stopping the bleeding and encouraging the growth of new tissue.


Additionally, in monetary means, insurance companies deny the personal injury claims at times, by stating the reasons like pre-existing health conditions.

Some Last Words

Credence Physiotherapy is a top Physiotherapy Clinic Calgary that treats Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries in Calgary. But the healing process isn’t as quick as one expects due to reasons like those mentioned above.