5 Ways how Physiotherapy Clinic Calgary can heal sports injuries

Sports Injuries are common when you are an active player on the field. These injuries can make you rest for several months or even years. In such cases, physiotherapy clinic in Calgary can be your savior to help you with effective and simple physiotherapy. This will not only heal your existing injury but also boost your performance to help you get on field faster. Sports physiotherapists are professionals in treating different sports related injuries and provide helpful tips in transforming your flexibility and strength both physical and mental.

In this guide, we shall discuss all the sports physiotherapy techniques to treat sports injuries in no time. So, let’s get started!

Top 5 physiotherapy techniques

Given below are all the amazing ways how physiotherapy can work its magic in treating different types of sports injuries such as muscle strains, sprains, dislocations, knee injuries, tennis elbow, strained hamstring etc.

1.       Ice pack

Applying ice in case of acute injuries whether it is related to sports injuries or any other issue, is the first step in the healing process taken by the physiotherapist. The physiotherapist applies the pack to avoid further swelling of the injured area and provides some relief.

2.       Hot pack

In case of chronic injuries like joint problems that may last for a couple of months, the physiotherapist uses the hot pack to provide relief to the patients. With hot pack application, a physiotherapist can tackle the stiffness created due to underlying issues.

3.       Strengthening

Several injuries reduce the strength of the muscles in the body. So, physiotherapists use dynamic and static activities to help patients gain their muscle strength back. In static activities, muscles experience high-intensity force and there is no movement of the joints. Holding a squat position or a push-up are some examples of static activities. On the other hand, in dynamic activities, there is a full movement of the joints. For example, running, walking, lifting weights, etc.

4.       Low-Level Laser

When dealing with musculoskeletal sports injuries, physiotherapists can opt for a low-level laser to heal the inflammation and deal with muscle pain using the power of light. It serves as an alternative to surgery and heavy medications.

5.       ROM or Range of Motion Exercises

While dealing with muscle and joint stiffness which arise in case of injuries and joint problems, physiotherapists opt for ROM exercises. There are two types of ROM exercises and your physiotherapist will suggest the one depending on the severity of your injuries. In passive ROM exercises, the physiotherapist performs all the exercises for the patient. In active ROM exercises, a patient will perform all the exercises without any help.

Final Words

This guide will help you in understanding the importance of physiotherapy in treating sports injuries properly. Credence Physiotherapy & Massage Centre is your one-stop solution for healing all the joint problems and sports injuries from their roots. Reach out to them for getting a faster fix for any prevalent sports injury today!