Types of Massage Therapy One Can Opt For

Spinal Decompression

Massage is probably the oldest and the simplest form of healthcare. It is scientifically considered as the effective treatment for some conditions like cancer, chronic back pain, post-operative pain, and frequent headaches. It will further help you to get rid of stress, address several medical conditions.

Almost one by fifth, or 19% of Americans, report discussing massage therapy with their doctors or healthcare providers, understanding the benefits of massage. Around 63% of the therapist receive referrals from healthcare professionals. Here are some types of massage therapy. Read ahead!

Deep tissue massage therapy

A professional deep tissue massage is the popular massage therapy choice if you are looking to get relieved from muscle fatigue and manage stress or frequent physical exertion. What makes deep tissue massage therapy different is that it will penetrate deep into the muscles on applying more pressure by the therapists. It not only kneads out the muscle tissue, but it will also offer fascia releases, leading to better mobility and offers good relief.

Trigger point massage

It is the type of massage where the pressure is applied to any specific point in the body like the muscle or the connective tissue like fascia around the muscles and the tendons in the knee, shoulder, or elbow. The fibrous tissue may have a way of getting knotted and inflamed when it becomes overworked, misaligned, or strained due to any issues like postural stress.

Prenatal massage

It is the type of massage that is specifically done for pregnant women, and this will help them get rid of the back pain, reduce stress and enhance their sleep quality. A masseuse needs special training for this type of massage, and so you have to ensure that you are in the right massage clinic

Aromatherapy massage

It is therapy like a spa treatment that helps you to get rid of stress, reduce tension, and ease of mind. The therapist will use the pure, therapeutic-grade essentials oils that will prove the smooth nerve system along with improving the hormonal balance.

Couple’s massage

As the name indicates, it is also a regular massage, but it takes place with your friend, family, or partner. Both of you will be alongside the therapist will massage simultaneously. It is a great way where you can spend time with them throughout the massage time.

The bottom line

Apart from these, there are also several other types of massages that can get the benefit of. If you are willing to take up the massage, have intense research on it and discuss it with the experts. Take up the best massage treatment in the best massage clinic in Calgary and enjoy the benefits.