List of Simple Ways to Get Rid Of TMJ Pain

Massage Therapy

TMJ is the joint in the body that will be responsible for joining the skull to the lower jaw, and this is also called the temporal bone. It is located in front of the ear. The join is also responsible for several facial muscle movements, from smiling to chewing. If an induvial is suffering from temporomandibular disorder or syndrome, they will experience some kind of pain in their joints.

Some problems that are associated with TMJ disorder such as headaches, ear pain, neck pain, and several others. TMJ will be present on both the jaws, and it is crucial to open and close the mouth. Only with this will you be able to move up and down, back and forth and left and right. So, if you are suffering from such a disorder, here are some tips from physiotherapy clinic Calgary that you have to keep in mind.

Focus on the food you have 

Having food like mashed potatoes and applesauce can decrease jaw pain and some discomfort in that space. If you are willing to have hard foods like raw carrots, you have to ensure to cut them into small pieces and bite them with more caution. Also, you can have sticky foods and chewing gum, and they can be aggravating your symptoms. Thus, you should be conscious and limited to such foods.

Practice jaw exercise 

The jaw stretches, and several other face exercises can assist in easing the TMJ disorder symptoms and pain. If you visit the dentist or the physical therapist, they will help you with some at-home jaw exercise. Through this, you can stretch and regularize the jaw muscles. They will also show you the way to massage the muscles in your jaw.

Avoid high jaw movements 

You may have to experience some extreme jaw movements like yawning and yelling, and this will place tension on the TMJ. So, you should be highly aware of overusing the jaw muscles as it will lead to jaw strain and make the pain more complex.

Heat or cold therapy 

Applying the moist, warm heat packs or the ice packs to your jaw will work to relax the muscles in your face and muscles. When you visit the doctor, they will make you understand how long to leave the ice pack or the heat pack on the proper placement of the pack over the muscles in that particular area.

Try to wear a bite guard

To get rid of the issue, you can wear the bit guard, as this will help keep you from grinding or clenching the teeth. Bite guards are usually made of plastics, and these will perfectly fit over the upper teeth from touching. There are also several types of bite guards available in the market, and you can choose to wear the soft or the firm guard.

Thus, you might have got an idea on Getting cured of TMJ pain. Try out such tips from TMJ Calgary now!