List of Possible Injuries from Vehicle Accident

Did you know? 37,133 fatal vehicle crashes happen on average in a year. Among them, car crashes are a common occurrence and the victims suffer several kinds of injuries. In some cases, many days or weeks are necessary to manifest. Some are visible, some are treatable using a first aid kit and some require hospital treatment.Here are some common types of MVA injuries that you should look for in the MVA injury treatment Calgary.

1. Whiplash

It is one of the most common injuries and around 1 million people was affected by it every year. It refers to an injury to the soft tissue of the neck due to a sudden acceleration and deceleration force. This force will be due to abrupt and unrestrained forward and backward movements of the neck during the accident. Some symptoms include headaches, muscle spasms, neck stiffness and loss of range of motion, and pain in the neck, arms, back, and shoulders.

2. Minor Scrapes and Cuts

Soon after any vehicle accident, it is common for every individual to have minor cuts. Usually, it is easy to treat and a first aid kit is enough. However, it is necessary to sterilize and handle with care to avoid infections. If an individual is badly hurt and if there is heavy bleeding, it is necessary to visit the ER immediately. this is because the victim might have major arteries and if it is not addressed immediately, the bleeding might lead to fatalities.

3. Sprains and Strains

The sudden jerking movement experienced in the car accidents and the actual crash might lead to sprain and strains. It is not an uncommon thing to find someone with sprained or strained muscles. If this happens, you can undertake home treatments like hot compresses or ice packs to relieve the tension in the injured space.

4. Head and Brain Injuries

Head and brain injuries include traumatic brain injury, concussions, lacerations, skull fractures and internal bleeding. These are some of the most serve injuries after a vehicle accident and the victim should reach out to the ER based on the seriousness of the issue. Brain injuries might serve complications. If it is not properly addressed, it might lead to headaches, sleeping disorders and several other issues.

5. Internal Bleeding

It is one of the worst injuries is internal bleeding. It will not be visible, but it may lead to death. It might occur in the brain or other major parts of the body like the liver, heart or lungs. It should be treated as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

Thus, you might have got an idea about various injuries on the MVA Calgary and it should have cared. One small mistake might lead to costly errors. Understand the importance and get ready for quick treatment and recovery!