List of Diseases That Needs A Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy is the branch of rehabilitative healthcare that is commonly handled by licensed and well-trained medical professionals. Some equipment is also used for the treatment, along with some exercise regimens in case of some abnormal physical functions. There are lots of diseases that will be easily cured with this treatment. Are you still wondering why more people are advised to have a discussion with the medical professionals at physiotherapy center CalgaryHere is the list of diseases you should know!


It is the case where the excess fluid gets gathered in the lymphatic system. Then, it moves around the bloodstream and causes severe swelling. Here, the specialist will use complete decongestive therapy. This will work to reduce the swelling and prevent the fluid build-up and leading to further issues.

Sports injuries

There are some sports injuries such as fractures that can be treated with some recovery programs with physiotherapy. This will reduce the side effects that might cause by regular medical treatment.

Muscular Dystrophy 

The muscles and skeleton degenerate and get progressively weakened on advancing in age or due to some other conditions. This can be easily treated with some physiotherapy treatment like mobility exercise and some other supporting frames.

Back and neck pain 

Acute pain might turn to chronic back pain and neck pain that will last for a long time. This might considerably affect regular life. The physiotherapy will ease such pain and enhance mobility.


Thin and brittle, sponge-like bones will have lots of holes inside them. This might easily break up. Similarly, disabling fractures might be prevented with the right physiotherapy at the right time.


Lightheadedness or dizziness is a general and frequent complaint that many people are facing, and this will sometimes lead to dangerous falls as well. As physical therapy enhances balance, vertigo will be treated easily.


Migraine and tension-type headaches might often lead to severe headaches and neck injury. The proper plan of care might be implemented to enhance the movement of the neck and the muscles in the place. Thus, the pain can be controlled easily.


Severe burns and splinting might be treated with the right physiotherapy in collaboration with the medical team to prevent the unwanted scar tissues.

Joint replacement 

If you need adequate knee relief from pain after the operative care of removal and replacement of the hip or knee joint, physiotherapy will be the right choice.

The bottom line 

Thus, you might have now got an idea of how physiotherapy will work on various treatments. So, ensure you are approaching the right massage clinic Calgary, and this will help you for sound living.