Common Myths About Massage Therapy

How long do you think that the people are enjoying massage? It has been for centuries! There is a lot of evidence that the therapy is found in Egyptian tombs and ancient Chinese medical texts. It is all about the manipulation of skin, tendons, muscles and ligaments by a professional and licensed therapist. It will help promote wellness, a wide range of motion and several other health benefits. However, there are lots of myths surrounding the science of applied massage therapy, and here are a few. Read to educate yourselves!

Myth 1: The Right Sign of a Good Massage is All About Being Sore the Next Day

This is one of the common myths! Though it is normal to feel tenderness throughout the next day of massage, especially in the case of a deep massage, it is also normal if you do not have any pain. Being sore cannot be the only indication of a productive massage. There are also possibilities where you experience only certain discomfort.

Myth 2: Massage Therapy is the Way to Flush Toxins Out of the Body 

There is actually no scientific evidence that massage therapy will release toxins from the muscles. However, the long-term effect of massage therapy can help in enhancing circulation that will assist the body’s natural ability to dispose of waste.

Myth 3: The Individual Should Drink More Water After the Massage 

It is not mandatory to have more water after the therapy, but keeping your body hydrated is always good for being healthy. So, you can have some water that is necessary to be hydrated. Probably you have to replenish your water.

Myth 4: Massaging is Unsafe for Pregnant Ladies 

Massage is safe for pregnant women. It can even be beneficial for both the mother and the child. Some women would prefer to avoid massage therapy in the first trimester to feel safer, and this is also fine for the healthy pregnancy period. In the second and third trimesters, it is more common. In fact, it is a great way to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and several aches that they can expect during the pregnancy.

Myth 5: Massage Therapy is Too Expensive 

Massage therapy goes from 60 to 90 minutes, and it comes at an affordable cost. In places like Calgary, you can find a lot of Massage Center Calgary that offers therapy professionally at a pocket-friendly cost. You can ask or discuss with the specialist in advance to avoid some confusion at a later stage.

The Bottom Line 

Thus, you might have now got an idea of the myths and the facts behind massage therapy. Ensure you are looking for the right laser therapy Calgary and enjoying the best benefits of the therapy from the professionals.