5 Physiotherapy Myths to Be Busted Out in 2022

Though the demand for physiotherapy is continuously in raise in places like Calgary, there are some misconceptions that persist that have to be busted. These prevent people from having the physiotherapy and enjoying it completely. Here are some common myths as discussed by the top therapist from physiotherapy clinic Calgary that should be noted. Continue reading to know more!

1. Physiotherapy can be Applied to Some Sports Injuries 

Most people have a wrong impression that the therapy is used only for treating sports injuries. Though exercise is often recommended for the sportsmen for pain relief, it does not mean that it is solely a treatment for sportspeople. People are also suggested to have physiotherapy when they lose any motor function due to an injury, undergoing prenatal care, or post-surgery treatment. common age-related issues like varicose veins can also be treated with physiotherapy and it helps in fast recovery.

2. Physiotherapy is Painful

The entire process of physiotherapy is to reduce the pain and enhance mobility by eliminating the discomfort in the body. It might be chronic or acute pain, the therapist will assist in healing and restoring the movement in the body. Thus, it will allow to reduce pain and work perfectly.

3. Physiotherapy is Based on Exercise Only 

the common and most effective plan for lots of musculoskeletal issues is a combination of manual therapy, patient education, modalities, and physical exercise. Only with the exercise, no one can expect a complete recovery. Based on the health condition of the patient, the therapist in the massage centre Calgary will create a plan with the necessary treatment and exercise.

4. I Can do Physiotherapy On Myself Without The Assistance of the Professionals 

It is true that the active participation of the individual is the key to the success of the treatment, but they do not need that they can take up the treatment on themselves. You need a therapist to leverage his or her specialized diagnosis and professional care.

5. Visiting Physiotherapist Needs an Appointment from the Doctor

Yes, of course, you need it, but this is not the fact in all cases. Physiotherapists are sufficiently trained to determine if the injury needs medical attention or only physiotherapy for complete recovery. So, you can have a discussion with the doctor and the physiotherapist for better results.

Final Thoughts 

Having some misconceptions will prevent an individual to enjoy the complete benefits of the treatment. When it is physiotherapy, there are lots of benefits hidden. It is one of the best ways to a fast recovery without any side effects. Thus, understanding the facts will help you to use them in a better way. If needed, fix an appointment and open up with the physiotherapist to know more.